Planning events can be an overwhelming process. There are so many moving parts and stakeholders, that it can feel like the entire process is a jumble of moving parts.  One way to take back the reins is by partnering with a Destination Management Company (DMC). However, if you have never partnered with a DMC before, you may not know where to start, or how to work with them.

Let’s break down what’s involved in partnering with a DMC and how it can make event planning much easier.

What Does a DMC Do?

A Destination Management Company is essentially an outsourced team of hospitality professionals who specialize in creating customised events that are tailored to their clients’ needs and budget.  They are regionally located, meaning that they are the experts in their geographical location.  This means that when you engage a DMC, you will have access to their local knowledge, expertise, contacts and relationships; all of which can help ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible, and in the language of the destination you are running your event.

Benefits of Partnering with a DMC

Partnering with a DMC offers many advantages for PAs, Conference Organisers and other Event Planners. Many times, the reason why events don’t run as smoothly as they should is because there is simply too much information coming from too many different sources—which can be extremely difficult to manage. By partnering with a DMC, they can take care of all the logistics for your event while also ensuring that all necessary safety protocols are followed and adhered to throughout the entire event planning process. This allows the Event Planner to be in the driver seat, managing all the moving parts across all the elements of the program.

Additionally, partnering with a DMC makes sense for many organisations looking for reliable, local based suppliers – particularly those that have longevity in the business, and strong relationships through global representation offices.   These DMCs are committed to their reputation in your market, and the delivery of your event is paramount to their success.  These DMCs have years of experience in the tourism industry—this means they understand precisely what works best for any given situation. You can trust them to provide creative solutions that will make sure your guests are impressed and entertained throughout the entire duration of your event!

In some locations, contracting your services, including your hotels through a DMC has financial benefits to your group.  They can offer VAT/Tax savings off your final bill.  Plus, they provide detailed reporting after each event so that you can track exactly how successful it was.

Most DMCs will work with you to offer flexible services – you book what you need.  As they open their contacts to you, trust in the relationship is paramount, and the best working relationships with DMCs are those where there is transparency and information flows openly.  In some cases, they have taken years of nurturing these hidden gems to make them available to your group. Most DMCs will ask that you are respectful of their local contacts, and their working relationships.

By relying on their local knowledge, contacts and expertise; a DMC can help ensure your event runs more efficiently while saving you time and money in the long run.    And most importantly, they make you the hero of your event, and make you look a superstar for finding these aspirational experiences for your group.  So don’t wait – let us partner you with our DMCs today.


Image Credits:   Optimum Greece – Santorini, Distinct Destinations – India, TERRAEVENTS France, Unica – Chile Atacama