Asian Trails - China

a land of mesmerising landscapes and extraordinary culture


Asian Trails - China

a land of mesmerising landscapes and extraordinary culture


Asian Trails - China

a land of mesmerising landscapes and extraordinary culture



Asian Trails is a destination management company and has established a network which covers all major Asian tourist destinations, with offices in all strategic inbound tourism centres throughout South East Asia. Asian Trails provides quality destination services to multi-lingual clients at competitive rates.

Under the partial ownership of the Fairfax Group / Thomas Cook India since 2017, Asian Trails successfully maintains a business formula believing that their entrepreneurial personnel are the heart of their tremendous success, the DNA of Asian Trails.

Asian Trails offers a varied product line covering hotels, coach tours, private tours, car rentals, airport transfers, soft adventure tours, cruises, Harley Davidson motorcycle tours, home-stay, biking tours, self-drive package tours and lifestyle packages as well as cooking classes, spa holiday, golfing, private villas, private jets, incentives and luxury train journeys.

Since its opening up in the late 70s to overseas visitors, China has come a long way to become one of the leading tourism destinations in the world. Infrastructure is one of the major achievements: new airports have been built in all major cities over the last 10 to 15 years, expressways now link all the provinces from north to south and east to west which has made travelling a lot easier and many tourism sites have become much easier to reach.

International hotel groups are continuously expanding their network in China, the choice in the big cities is simply astonishing, and the quality of service can measure up to the best in the world. In recent years, the progress has received another boost thanks to the preparation of the Olympic Games in Beijing. International hotels have accelerated their investments in Beijing and other cities in China.

Beijing airport added Terminal 3, which is the largest airport terminal in the world. The entire city has been revamped, monuments have undergone lengthy restoration efforts, the underground system has been extended with several new lines which boost a quality matching the best underground networks in the world.

There is a growing choice of trendy restaurants in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. While we carefully chose our restaurants to suit the needs of our leisure groups, we are constantly discovering new places to recommend for our discerning individual travellers.

China’s list of UNESCO World Heritage sites is growing every year. Efforts for sustainable development of tourism in rural areas of China are more and more widespread. Awareness campaigns to preserve the rich cultural and nature heritage are undertaken by provincial and national tourism boards alike.

Wellness resorts and spas are on the increase, providing more lifestyle experiences especially in southern China (Hainan Island, Southern China…).

Beijing, Shanghai and to a lesser extent Guangzhou and Sanya are the most important destinations for meetings in China. Facilities are of international standard, and the choice of hotels with all sizes of meeting room facilities are available in these cities. With a vast array of impressive venues, high quality restaurants and excellent airports and transportation, opportunities to create an unforgettable incentive in China are great.

This combined with Asian Trails China team of professionals with experience in organising logistical support makes China a winning solution for your Meetings and Incentives.


  • Great Wall
    Great Wall, one of the most remarkable feat of mankind, whose segments were built as long ago as 500 B.C. Archaeologists estimate that the Wall once ran 6200 miles; today it is still impressive at 3,750 miles. Serious work began in 220 B.C, when China’s first emperor Qin Shihuang, conscripted millions of soldiers and peasants to participate in this dangerous undertaking. Constructions continued over the centuries, with the most impressive portions built during the 14th century Ming Dynasty.
  • Tiananmen Square
    Tiananmen Square is the symbolical heart of China and gathering place for the masses. It is the largest public square in the world, which can hold one million people. Having a free walk there, imagining the great historic events of the 20th century took place there. You will also see legendary landmarks including the Great Hall of the People and the towering 125 foot granite obelisk, Monument to the Peoples Heroes, honouring those who died in revolution.
  • Forbidden City
    Forbidden City, the inner sanctum and palace where for centuries Chinese emperors ruled their world. It has 9000-room maze of courtyards, places, and ceremonial halls, where 24 emperors used to live. Forbidden City was indeed a forbidden place, where commoners were kept out for nearly 500 years in the past. Tour the palace and imagine the mystery, intrigue and incredible power that reigned here.
  • Lama Temple
    The Lama Temple is a magnificent Tibetan Buddhist complex built around 1700. Now that religion is allowed in China, the Lama Temple is very active, with many faithful burning armloads of incense. The superb architecture and the spiritual atmosphere combine into an unforgettable visit for foreigners.


  • Yuyuan Garden
    ​​​​​​​Yuyuan Garden the only fully restored classical Chinese garden in Shanghai. It was inaugurated in the Ming dynasty and has a total area of 20,000 square meters. Although the Garden occupies less than five acres, demonstrates perfectly the sophisticated art of combining several different elements to create a world in miniature – ingeniously mingling pavilions and corridors, small hills and carefully selected and well-placed rocks, lotus ponds, bridges, winding paths, and trees and shrubs.

  • Visit Forbidden City – Beijing
  • Great Wall at Badaling – Beijing
  • Visit Terracotta Army – Xian
  • Shanghai Museum
  • Imperial Dinner at Temple Kitchen
  • Hot Air Ballooning in Guilin
  • A Night at the Legation Quarter in Beijing

“Great schedule; all worked out very well and was very well organised. Really good guides: spoke excellent English, were very knowledgeable, showed us hidden off the beaten track spots and were creative, flexible, nice, funny and great companions during our travel.” Incentive from Switzerland.

“Our trip to China (6 people), it has been perfectly organized with some wonderful special experience.” Venture Capital Incentive, Italy.

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