IMS - Hungary

Grandeur on the Danube


IMS - Hungary

Grandeur on the Danube


IMS - Hungary

Grandeur on the Danube



Founded in 1986 by Michael Schillinger, IMS is the leading Destination Management Company in Central and Eastern Europe, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria and fully owned subsidiaries in Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic.

IMS manages incentive programs, conferences, product launches and large-scale corporate events by providing the full range of destination management services. Our staff is specially trained to bring the highest level of service in designing and operating professional events and providing a one-stop resource for your entire program needs.

Michael Schillinger, CEO, Sonja Waldl, Executive Vice President, and Éva Makai, Managing Director Budapest, guarantee involvement at every stage of planning and operating a program, we take the pride of ownership in every detail of our program.

With 30 years of successful programs, IMS has the experience and creativity to set the standard for specialized services. The strongest testament to our success is in our customer loyalty – nearly 80% of our customers are repeat customers, many of them are Fortune 500 companies.

Our slogan – We Create Success – is our guiding philosophy and our absolute commitment to reliability, creativity, around the clock accessibility and only the highest service standards.

Hungary’s landscapes are gentle and charming, but the buildings one can find across the country are impressive and stunning. Architecturally Hungary is a treasure chest, offering everything from Roman ruins and medieval town houses to baroque churches, neoclassical public buildings and Art Nouveau bathhouses.

Within the often-changing borders of Hungary during its history, fine arts developed in strong interaction with European art, and although they always reflected European tendencies, they have retained a strong character of their own. Beside the Hungarian architecture many foreign culture and religion represents itself throughout the country. For example the largest synagogue in Europe is the Great Synagogue in Budapest, the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath is the largest medicinal bath in Europe, one of the largest basilicas in Europe is the Esztergom Basilica.

Hungary is also a land of particularly rich folk heritage. Folk culture is not only preserved in museums, but traditions live on in many of Hungary’s small villages, kept alive by local communities.

Although there are not many languages as different and difficult as the Hungarian one, one will quickly get in contact with the people of Hungary, who are incredibly loveable and warm-hearted.

  • Budapest
    Flowing through the heart of the city, the Blue Danube divides the Hungarian city of Budapest into two unique sides, Buda and Pest. The hills of Buda, crowned by the Budapest Castle and the Fishermen’s Bastion, adorn the right bank of the city and provide magnificent views of Parliament, the Margaret Island and the bridges that span the Danube. The streets of Pest are the heartbeat of Hungary’s commercial side and hold some of the city’s finest attractions, such as the National Art Museum, Liszt Square, the Opera House and the Market Hall. No matter which side of the river your visit leads to, Budapest is charged with the inventiveness and spice for which Hungarians are famous.
  • Danube Bend
    The Danube bend, just north of Budapest, with its wooded hills and the meandering Danube create a wonderful landscape that became nature lovers’ paradise. It is perfectly suitable for daytrips for those who want to see more of Hungary outside its capital. Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom and the wine area of Etyek are definitely worth a visit.
  • Puszta
    East of the Danube and south of the mountains lies the flattest and quietest land of Hungary, and the largest continuous grassland in Europe, called the Great Plain. Rivers run through it, national parks divide it, Hungarian cowboys and herds of animals roam it, and spas fill it with life. This is the land where life is hassle-free and where horizons are endless.
  • Lake Balaton
    ​​​​​​​Lake Balaton, central Europe’s largest fresh water lake, is also called the Hungarian sea. Whether it’s peace and quiet you’re after or a calendar full of things to see and do, Lake Balaton is here to satisfy your every need. Smooth waters and fresh wines, sand and surf, fishing and frolicking, splashing and sailing, concerts and clubs, partying and paddle boating, beach volleyball and biking, elegant castles and sleepy villages, beautiful landscapes and crystal clear air, Lake Balaton has it all.

Touring & Activities:

  • Themed tours with inside visits to sights and museums
  • Fashion shows of well-known Hungarian designers
  • Reveal the secrets of Communism incl. Trabant car transfers
  • Walking rallies and treasure hunts
  • Wellness and spa programs at the famous Hungarian baths
  • Living traditions at open-air museums with singers, dancers, and handicraft markets


  • Country side Puszta experience with horse shows and nostalgic train transfer
  • Wine festivals and street parties with folklore entertainment, traditional food and handicraft markets with local artists
  • Medieval dinners in former churches with Renaissance musicians and dancers
  • Museums exclusively opened for private receptions & dinners
  • Dinner cruises
  • Elegant functions on stage of the opera house
  • Themed entertainment e.g. Journey through the Hungarian History

“I wish to express our sincere gratitude for your outstanding efforts over the past 2 years in delivering an outstanding program last week across 3 cities in your amazing country of Austria. It has been an absolute delight in dealing with you over such an extended period and your attention to detail was outstanding. Please pass on our sincere appreciation to you and your team, it has been a privilege to work with you.” Australian Marketing Group

“Well you nailed this one. It was a program without compromise and delivered by people who cared. You guys delivered above even my lofty expectations. Again thank you for delivering an exceptional handcrafted experience that inspired, engaged and rewarded the guests that attended.” Australian PCO

Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, bordering the Slovak Republic in the North, Romania in the East, Serbia and Slovenia in the South and Austria in the West. While not large in terms of population Hungary has a wealth of culture and history – more than a thousand years full of great events, battles, kings, and sometimes peaceful years, that influenced the country and its culture.

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