Unica – Chile

Unica – Chile

Unica – Chile

Unica – Chile

Única is an organizer of tailor-made incentive trips and corporate meetings in Latin America, made up of a team of experts in the destinations and in the MICE industry.

Co-founded by Maria Lauro, who was born and raised in Argentina & Mariana Crovetti, who was born and raised in Peru, the company offers the highest level of creativity and innovation in the design of exclusive experiences in each destination they operate within, focusing on providing the best quality of service and level of detail in each program, and connecting the participants with the local culture using local knowledge.

As an expert DMC in Latin America, Única is committed to the success of each event, becoming your best local ally to achieve a unique and memorable program, with an impeccable operation and always offering a great flexibility.

Chile is a destination that has it all. The most beautiful vineyards, amazing landscapes in La Patagonia and in the impressive Atacama Desert, very picturesque colonial cities along the coast such as Valparaiso and a very modern and chic city like Santiago with a rich variety of gastronomic options and exclusive venues.

The incentive programs in Chile are fun and unique, combining an urban and modern experience in the capital city with outdoor experiences surrounded by nature and enjoying some of the best wines in the world in magnificent vineyards.


Santiago, located at the foot of the Andes mountain range, is an energetic and sophisticated city with a great feeling of modernity, as well as having a beautiful colonial architecture in its historical center and its bohemian districts.

In just a few hours from Santiago you may find the famous and amazing vineyards such as Santa Rita or Casablanca where activities related to wine and nature take place and you can enjoy an exquisite local cuisine.


The Atacama Desert is definitely a unique place in the world where one can feel like on another planet. It is located in the Antofagasta region, to the north of Chile, sharing borders with Bolivia and Argentina.  The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world, and it rises more than 4,000 metres height from the Andean Plateau. It is a location full of energy, thanks to its cozy ancestral cultures and its oases which are a source of life.  The salt flats, geysers, the impressive blue lagoons, starry skies and the exceptional geography of its lands are some of the attractions of the desert, which becomes the perfect scenery for outdoor activities in a dream scenario.

Torres del Paine is located in the stunning Chilean Patagonia, which used to be a distant, mythical and mysterious land in the past.  The National Park was declared Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco in 1978 and it is the 8th Wonder of the world. It is really a paradise with an awesome geography, spectacular landscapes of the Andes mountain range, virgin forests, turquoise blue lakes, and deep blue glaciers where nature lovers will feel as if they were in their dream place.


Easter Island, Rapa Nui, is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, in the Polynesian Triangle, which still preserves its mystery and authenticity.
Its pink colored sand beaches, its volcanoes, and thousands of moai (enormous stone heads that erect from the land and belong to the ancestral culture) make this island a very special and unique place in the world.  Its language, music, numerous customs and traditions are kept alive among its inhabitants who occupied the island towards the year 600 A.D.  Easter Island offers interesting and fun explorations with cultural nuances, among archaeological remains, volcanoes, beaches, meadows and cliffs.

Valparaiso and Viña del Mar are two picturesque and beautiful cities along the Chilean coast, about 2 hours away from the city of Santiago.  Valparaiso is a bohemian and very colorful city, with streets that go up and down, full of urban art, art galleries and gastronomic treasures. This city, known as the Jewel of the Pacific, is a rich source of inspiration for famous poets and writers.  This particular port city has been declared World Heritage site by UNESCO due to its singular colonial architecture, remarkable example of urban and architectural development from Latin America towards the end of the 19th century.  Viña del Mar is located only two hours away from Santiago and it offers an interesting mixture of modern buildings with white sand beaches and great extensions of green areas.  Its long coastline offers time to relax and its streets take you back to the golden age of the last century.

  • Wine & Dine at one of the Oldest Wineries located in the middle of Santiago
  • Picnic outdoor dinner under the stars, at the most important valleys of the desert
  • Fun hike to Puritama Hot Springs to relax and enjoy the amazing landscapes
  • Bike ride through multi coloured walls to observe the typical fauna and flora of the desert
  • Enjoy an exquisite outdoor lunch looking at the gorgeous scenery of Patagonia.
  • Navigate through the beautiful and majestic glaciers of the south of Chile

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