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Amazing Africa

Amazing Africa is an owner managed inbound tour operator specialized in the whole of Southern Africa, as well as providing selective services in East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. We provide a turn-key solution to our clients for all travel related services and products in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda, Ruanda, Tanzania, Reunion Island and the kingdoms Swaziland and Lesotho.

Africa astounds with a diverse cultural life, various landscapes and an impressive wildlife. The vast of the savanna, the flicker of the desert, stunning natural spectacles, a breathtaking starry sky, fascinating animal observations and the warmth of its people leave no one unimpressed.

As the saying goes “If you can only visit any two continents, visit Africa … twice“ – no journey to Africa is alike. The continent thrives on its incredible diversity and variety, which reflects in the various incentive programs we offer.


South Africa – The World in One Country
South Africa casts a spell over all travellers. Located in the southernmost part of the African continent, South Africa offers unique and memorable experiences. You will be impressed by the rich cultural life, the varied landscape, the fascinating wildlife and experience the limitless possibilities that this country offers.  Experience how diverse and varied the African culture is and be impressed by the warmth of its people.
In the numerous nature reserves and national parks, Safaris lead excursions will allow you to be within reach of the ‘Big 5.’ There are numerous activities such as windsurfing, whale watching, helicopter rides, shark diving and canoeing that guarantee an incomparable adventure. The vastness of the savannah, the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Drakensberg, the stunning African starry sky, Cape Peninsula with Cape of Good Hope as well as varied coastlines make your events unforgettable.

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Kenya – The Kingdom of Wild Animals

Experience for yourself the unique variety of landscapes, the fascinating animal kingdom and the traditional lifestyle of the Maasai.
Wide savannahs and steppes, grassy hills and the mighty Kilimanjaro provide the backdrop for unforgettable safaris. Encounter during your expedition large herds of elephants that roam the savannah, lions sunbathing in the sun and many other species that are native to the pristine wilderness of Kenya. A breathtaking experience is mainly the annual migration of zebra, wildebeest and antelope, which move on the search for food in many herds through the Serengeti Savannah over the Mara River in the Masai River.
Kenya’s varied landscape combines extinct volcanoes and tropical forests, glowing deserts and icy glacier. Green mountains merge into dry forests and open plains and the coastal region disclosed secluded coves with sandy beaches and coral reefs intact.
Mauritius – Heaven on Earth
n the Indian Ocean, about 2000 km from Madagascar away, is nestled in turquoise waters, the archipelago Mauritius gushed already from Mark Twain and noting ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius‘.
The impressive mountain range, verdant sugarcane fields and the ocean shimmering in every shade of blue offer a paradisiac incentive atmosphere. You will find white sandy beaches, which are bordered by palm trees and boulders. The exotic island state consists of two large and several smaller islands, which are surrounded by a unique reef.
Experience in Mauritius a fascinating nature, but also the culture, sights and monuments that still exist from the colonial past and can be found in the capital Port Louis. The versatile country kitchen includes elements from France, the Netherlands, India and the Creoles.
Botswana – Fascinating Wildlife Experiences

Botswana, located in the southern heart of Africa, belongs with its exceptional landscapes to one of the most beautiful countries of this continent. Away from the mass tourism you will find inviolate nature with vast savannahs, scrubland and swamps that offer the great animal herds in the major national parks and Game Reserve food.
The Okavango-Delta, which stands in the forefront when it comes to a region with the biggest variety of animals in Southern Africa, establishes with its extensive water surfaces an ideal habitat for elephants, buffaloes and antelopes. Particularly, the Chobe National Park is famous for its great herds of elephants, which you can observe by land and water. In the savannahs of the Savuti area are lions and other predators located.
An indescribable experience awaits you with the spacious and deserted Makgadikgadi and Nxai pans, a relic of earlier domestic lakes that have dried up over the last few centuries.

Tanzania – The Home of Kilimanjaro
Some of the most exciting destinations in Africa provide the exotic in Tanzania – whether climbing successes on the Kilimanjaro wildlife viewing in the Serengeti, a visit of the Maasai people or beach holiday on the paradisiac coast or Zanzibar. Tanzania allows adventure, culture and relaxation.In Northern Tanzania extend wide savannahs, dense rainforests and the Kilimanjaro massif with Africa’s highest peak, the 5,895 meter high Kibo. In front of this imposing background, the hills of the savannah with the round huts of the Maasai is built. To the east the land becomes flatter and palm trees replace colourful plants, baobab trees and acacia groves. The coast enchants with white sand beaches and the endless blue of the Indian Ocean.
Elephant herds in the expanses of the Serengeti, zebras and giraffes in front of a glowing African sunset – the images of unforgettable experiences. Tanzania offers graceful impressions when Safaris lead you within a few meter to the wild animals.
The archipelago of Zanzibar consists essentially of the two islands of Pemba and Unguja and the small islands Mafia and Latham. The tropical archipelago of Tanzania enchanted with exotic flair and the influences of Arabic and African culture.

Madagascar – The Eighth Continent
Next to the east coast of Mozambique, in the Indian Ocean, lies the tropical island of Madagascar and is considered one of the last paradises on earth. You will find numerous plants and animal species that exist nowhere else in nature. In particular the ring-tailed lemurs enjoy due to their familiarity great popularity.
The original island paradise offers a unique nature experience. Besides dream beaches there are large areas that are covered with rain forest and stunning mountain scenery, impressive waterfalls, majestic baobabs and mangroves. A look into the depths of the sea makes the hearts of divers beat faster, a visit to the nearby highland capital Antananarivo let you gain insight into the culture of Madagascar.

Mozambique – The Paradise of Africa
Mozambique is located on Africa’s southeast coast, with its almost 2800 kilometers of coastline, is an insider tip for your trip to the Indian Ocean. In the subtropical paradise invites lonely white sandy beaches to relax. Losing oneself under swaying coconut palms or discover the unique underwater world while snorkeling or scuba diving.
Mozambique has had a Portuguese colonial rule. The historical heritage is particularly evident in the city, in the south of the capital Maputo. Be enchanted by the Mediterranean architecture and secure a place in one of the cosy cafes or throw yourself in the hustle and bustle of the colourful markets.To the north lies the largely untapped Quirimbas National Park, which offers vast mangrove forests and 11 islands and beautiful coral reefs.

Namibia – The Country of the Desert
Namibia combines magnificent landscapes with traditional colonial history, which contributes to the diverse life of the African state. Throughout the country, you can find traces of German colonial rule, such as in the small towns of Swakopmund and Lüderitz. Even on this very day, one can find the culture and architecture created from its German heritage. The German language still continues to be the national language and is understood in the larger part of the country.
The landscape of Namibia promises a feeling of freedom and offers endless expanses with a sheer boundless horizon. The Namib Desert – landmark and namesake of the country – extends along the entire coastal region on the Atlantic coast and the Kalahari Desert occupies a considerable part of the country. On your journey into the midst of this desert, an invaluable biodiversity awaits you including lions, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, and rhinos can also be observed here

Rwanda – The Country of A Thousand Hills
Travelling in Rwanda lure with fascinating adventure trips to wildlife- rich nature reserves and high forests covered in fork. The East African landlocked country allows adventurous safaris in the three National Parks Akagera, Volcano and Nyungwe. The plateau in the center of the country, in whose north are the Virunga volcanoes, is one of those rare areas where the mighty mountain gorillas are still observed in the wild.
In contrast to the wilderness of the three national parks is the picturesque landscape embedded in a gentle ridge region on Lake Kivu. The most scenic lake in the Central African grave breach surprises with small, scenic villages. In the larger cities of Rwanda are some interesting museums that give an insight into the culture and history of this small country. Also the National Museum in Butare, which discloses numerous exhibits for the national crafts of weaving, is worth a trip.

Seychelles – Water Paradise & Island Fantasy
Once a pirate hideout, in particular Anse Forbans (Pirate’s Cove) on Mahé and Côte d’Or on Praslin. It is believed that famous pirate Olivier Levasseur hid a treasure that remains unfound. Seychelles is a paradise with deep blue waters teeming with sea life and gorgeous, unspoiled shores.
Stunning and unspoiled, the Seychelles star in countless tropical island fantasies. Beautiful boulder-strewn beaches, virgin jungles, thriving coral reefs, and UNESCO-listed nature reserves are just some of the many attractions of the archipelago’s 115 coral and granite islands, which are the peaks of a vast underwater plateau.
The Seychelles lie east of Kenya, near the equator.and famous for hiking the mountain trails, basking on the ravishing beaches, rock climbing, photographing the unique flora and fauna, and dining on mouthwatering Créole cuisine. Diving, snorkeling, surfing, and sailing are all world class, and the Seychelles encompass some of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

Uganda – The Pearl of Africa
Uganda invites with a varied landscape, because here meets the striking range of the African savannah on the dense magic of the rainforest. Northwest of Lake Victoria, located on the equator, Uganda is a fascinating landlocked country in the centre of the East African highlands lakes, which offers travellers spectacular waterfalls and amazing natural spectacles.
In Uganda live about 50 large mammal species and over 1,000 species of birds – more than in any other African country. Uganda’s rainforests are counted among the last refuges of wild mountain gorillas. In the encounter with those gentle giants heartthrob guaranteed. In addition observe up to 18 primate species in free wilderness, including chimpanzees and baboons

Zimbabwe – The Home of The Victoria Falls
Zimbabwe is spoiling you with exceptional landscape scenes. The country is blessed with fertile soil, great biodiversity and fabulous parts of the country from granite island mountains. The famous stone ruins of Great Zimbabwe and prehistoric rock drawings testify to old cultures.
The green mountain region of the Eastern Highlands offers breathtaking views of deep valleys and imposing waterfalls. Most impressive are the mighty Victoria Falls in the extreme north west of the country. At a length of nearly 2 kilometers, the Zambezi plunges over 100 meters in depth and forms a natural border with Zambia.
The Mana Pools and Hwange National Park are absolute insiders among Safari experts. Elephants, giraffes and crocodiles in their natural habitat offer the best scenes for a wild safari of the beaten track and on the shores of the Carib barrier lake, you find herds of wild animals that makes hearts of nature lovers beat faster.

Other Locations:
Malawi – A Country endowed with Spectacular Highlands & Extensive LakesSaint
Saint Helena – One of the Worlds most remote Inhabited Islands
Swaziland – The Kingdom of Colours
Zambia – The Pearl of the Wilderness
Lesotho – The Kingdom in the Sky
Angola – A Rough African Diamond.

  • The Kruger National Park & the adjacent game reserves – Go for a Safari & dine under the stars
  • The world’s largets inland Delta in Botswana – The Okavango Delta
  • The Masai Mara – discover East Africa’s most famous nature reserve in Kenya & follow the trail of the Big 5
  • The Beaches of Mozambique – undeveloped white sand beaches to inspire creative thinking
  • Unforgettable Gorilla Adventures in the wilderness of Rwanda
  • The townships of Soweto and the history and journey of Southern Africa

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