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Mar 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
Increasingly there is interest to incorporate good-will and sustainability into incentive programs. India is a destination that has a number of activities that will leave a lasting impact with attendees. Below are a sample of suggestions that can be incorporated into incentive programs from our DMC in the region, Distinct Destinations.

Take a 2-hour guided city walk through the bustling streets of Delhi, led by former street kids. You get to see a glimpse of the city not many travelers discover. These kids, trained as local guides, show you Delhi through their eyes. They're trying to repurpose their lives, hone English, and learn about the rest of the world.

The Orchard family supports several schools in the area and one of their most beloved excursions is a visit to the local school. Kids love meeting people from faraway places and hearing about where they come from. Take part in community service by feeding lunch to the children of a local school.

A visit/time volunteering for Sambhali Trust, a Jodhpur based NGO who works with women from the Dalit community, unfortunately considered untouchables in India. Learn about the challenges faced by rural communities that prevent children from accessing education, including a lack of safe, quality classrooms and the inaccessibility and cost of secondary school.  Take the opportunity to organize and participate in workshops on health, hygiene and nutrition if you wish to.

At the heart of Indian culture is – of course – Indian food. That's why one of the best cultural experiences in India is a cooking class. Cooking with a local family is not only about learning how to make delicious Indian recipes, it's also an unforgettable communal dinner experience in a real Indian home.

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