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Nov 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
Innovation and technology are ever evolving and cover a large spectrum of ideas - electronics to sustainability to science! Be inspired for your next incentive.

Innovative Sustainability, Copenhagen

CopenHill – an artificial ski slope and recreational hiking area opened in the 2019, built on top of a new waste management centre – the result of nearly ten years of thought, time and design.  Our Scandinavian DMC, DMC Nordic can provide program ideas for the venue that aspires to embody the notion of Hedonistic Sustainability while aligning with Copenhagen’s goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025. The 41,000 m2 project includes an urban recreation centre and environmental education hub, turning social infrastructure into an architectural landmark.



The Smart City, Vienna

Keeping with sustainability, Vienna was ranked 1st in the 2019 Smart City Strategy Index.  But what exactly makes it a smart city? Our DMC in Vienna, IMS can assist you answer this question by pointing the latest, recently completed Smart City project, a milestone on the way to a model climate city. Vienna's main water treatment plant was converted into an eco-power plant that produces more energy than it actually consumes through the use of modern technologies.



Light It Up, Singapore

Heading to Asia, and to Gardens by the Bay Singapore.  A world-class event venue, the horticultural masterpiece is an urban oasis where you can dine under a rainbow of lights at the indoor Flower Field Hall or host an outdoor event, big or small, offering alfresco possibilities and panoramic views of Singapore's downtown.  Technologically speaking, do you know the Supertrees?  Some have photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy for lighting up the Supertrees at night (a must see!) and others are integrated with the Cooled Conservatories to serve as air exhaust receptacles.  Sustainable innovation at work.



"House of Future", Germany

Looking back to Europe, The FUTURIUM in Berlin is the “House of Future” – which houses exhibitions and the Futurium Lab. A stunning venue for meetings and events with changing exhibitions to enrich the permanent exhibitions and deal with different scenarios for life in the future, showing possibilities that the future and innovation are bringing.


Meet a Cosmonaut, Russia

Located in the suburbs of Moscow is Star City, one of the most significant space facilities in Russia.  Discover the Cosmonauts' Training Center, named after legendary Yuri Gagarin and the same-named museum.  Both are unique and of great interest to visitors. It is the only location in the world, where one can try Zero Gravity Flight and many other activities usually available only for cosmonauts!



Marine Science, Scotland

In the UK, engage with the Scottish Association for Marine science and their autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) charged with exploring hard-to-reach areas of the ocean, particularly in winter months when a trip on a research vessel would test the constitution of even the most experienced seafarers.  Certainly a bit of technology that will test your nerves!  These autonomous oceanographers can work in the harshest of conditions for months at a time, collecting huge amounts of data – and they don’t have any dietary requirements.



Wine Technology, Australia

If you're looking for something closer to home, we have the perfect private room for your next Hunter Valley program at Ben Ean in regional NSW.  Built by John McDonald in 1907 and operated until 1963 to produce Brandy Spirit which was in turn used to produce fortified wine, the distillery, known affectionately as “The Still House” has undergone an extensive refurbishment and pays tribute to the history of wine and its technology.

Ben Ean


Table Mapping, Spain

Table mapping offers a whole new dimension to gala dinners, taking the guests through a unique, exciting and visually spectacular gourmet experience where dishes come together in synchronization with truly stunning virtual environments. TERRAEVENTS Spain's supplier is the pioneer in this technology and can organize dinners in any venues and city in Spain. Awake the 5 senses, bringing color, movement and life to the food and dishes on the table - we are so intrigued by this! 



A New Attraction, Malta

Esplora Interactive Science Centre was officially opened in 2016, a first of its kind in Malta led by The Malta Council for Science and Technology.  The renovated building now consists of several buildings and outdoor spaces, all interconnected following an extensive restoration and development process. The main exhibitions halls and the landscaped gardens consists of over 200 exhibits making this science centre and great space and fun experience.



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