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Inspiring Health & Wellness

Oct 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
Continuing our inspiration-by-industry series, this time we're offering you our favourite relaxation, healing, fitness and health ideas for your next program. Let's be honest, we all deserve it after 2020!

Soak in Queenstown

While Queenstown is generally done at full pace, at Onsen Hot Pools take a step back and take in the beauty of the surroundings and simply relax - sounds perfect!  Located high on a cliffside, there is never-ending alpine scenery and the perfect vantage point to watch the jetboats on the river below.  Hot and steamy on snowy days, warm and sheltered on rainy days, cool and shady on sunny days, and simply magical in the evenings - we'll be there soon NZ!

New Zealand

Healing Traditions in Portugal

Centuries-old Mediterranean therapies, timeless Turkish hammam rituals and exotic Asian treatments are waiting at Anantara Spa Vilamoura in Portugal.  Put their highly skilled therapists to work with personally prescribed treatments which incorporate lavish elixirs to 'restore radiance, relaxation and well-being'.   A Detox Retreat offer nutrition consultation, purifying body scrub, purifying body mask & drainage massage, purifying facial, fitness activity and complimentary access to fitness classes & wellness facilities and a wellness Juice per day - we can't think of anything more acceptable after 2020!


Massage in Thailand

Did you know, Thailand is the original home of the world-famous, muscle-relaxing therapeutic massage?  When visiting our Asian neighbour be pampered and let the art of Thai massage drive away stress and tiredness - yes please!  For beginners, ‘Bao Bao’ (gentle) is how to get started and if you're an avid spa visitor, ‘nak nak’ for a proper, deep tissue session.


Lakeside yoga in rural Victoria

Looking closer to home, boutique hotel Lake House Daylesford in rural Victoria is the perfect place to escape the city-life for some fresh air and relaxation.  Schedule a morning yoga class on your next team retreat, held by the tranquil Lake Dayelsford.  The best part, no need to wait for international borders to open - do it now!  Also onsite is The Spa at Lake House, where a plethora of face, body and beauty treatments for further indulgence.

Lake House

Nutrition in Spain

Known all over the world as a healthiest and most sustainable eating plan, the Mediterranean Diet brings a long list of benefits to your everyday life and health: strong immune system, healthy heart, longer life…Through the alleys of a local market and in the kitchen, engage a TERRAEVENTS nutritionist and head chef will unveil for you the keys of the Mediterranean diet and walk you step by step through tasty recipes during a hands-on cooking workshop.  Is it lunch time yet?  We're getting hungry...


Hungarian Spa Culture

Soaking in the warm mineral waters really is a part of a balanced life for Hungarians.  The country’s spa culture began in Roman times, but some of Budapest’s most stunning bathhouses were built during the 150 years of Turkish rule. Over the ages, bath complexes were erected and today there is a wide variety of styles. Soak away all your 2020 problems with a visit to the 'City of Spas'...


The Science of Life in India

Fun fact... India is the birthplace of Yoga, promising to leave you with an uplifting and inspiring experience for mind, body, and soul.   But did you know that India is also home to a superb assortment of spas, dissipated everywhere on the sub-continent - in the slopes, on the seashore, in urban communities and in differing styles, solace and cost.  Some offer customary spa treatments and others offer Ayurvedic medicines - a Vedic science, otherwise called “the Science of Life.”


Floating Sauna in the heart of Oslo Fjord

This one will test your nerve... combine a hot sauna with a refreshing dip in the fjord while enjoying Oslo’s skyline!   Stunning views of the sea and city while the clean-burning, wood-fired ovens gives the authentic feeling of being in a Norwegian cabin.  When the sea is ice-free, it is possible to go on a trip in the inner Oslo Fjord - would you?   The boat is quiet thanks to an electric motor powered by solar, relax and enjoy the fjord and nature.


Himalayan Detox in Nepal

Drawing on the ancient insight and information, sign up for a Himalayan Detox.  A mix of treatments and purging strategies to improve your actual prosperity, intended to invigorate a sound way of life for the brain, body and soul.  Himalayan medicines, yoga and other comprehensive exercises with the on-going help from an Ayurvedic specialist.   Drawing on ayurvedic science, the therapeutic spices picked for the medicines will improve your digestion and fortify your stomach related framework - we feel better already!


'Bringing Nature In' in the UK

Across the UK, hotels and venues are thinking of new ways to use outdoor spaces or integrate nature in indoor spaces. ‘Bringing nature in’ is healthy, leading to better, more mindful, and productive meetings and many venues are creating tranquil wellness zones or lounges – for rest and reflection.    According to our British DMC, K&N travel, 'although weather can be temperamental, we have many imaginative and unusual meeting spaces for outdoor gatherings – from zoos and stadiums to rooftop gardens and historic cloister gardens.'  This one is at Edinburgh's Royal Botanical Gardens.  Maybe we should get some more office plants?


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