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Foodie Experiences Northern Europe

Sep 2019 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
Best known for the spectacular scenery of fjords, glaciers and the stunning Northern Lights, the Northern countries of Europe also have some unique culinary experiences not to be missed in their city metropolis’. With our experts in the region, DMC Nordic, we’ve put together a list of foodie experiences to inspire and make anyone hungry!

In Venice-of-the-North, Stockholm SWEDEN - a Culinary Södermalm Food Tour. A guided walk visiting 7-8 different "foodie hotspots" in the hipster, trendy and bohemian part of Stockholm, enjoying a tasting at each, some including the opportunity to sample a small drink. Suitable for up to 24 people.

The Alchemist Tastelab - Copenhagen DENMARK - The lab uses an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to investigate the boundaries of gastronomy through the latest technology and scientific findings. It is also a networking hub – connecting chefs to researchers, farmers, producers and engineers. A large part of Tastelab is education, with the aim to expand food knowledge and raise awareness of food culture in coming generations.

Medieval Beer Tasting in Tallinn ESTONIA, where it was customary to arrange beer tasting ceremonies before the grandest of feasts. In honor of this old tradition, the opportunity to sample the famous beers in a distinctly medieval way. After punchy jugs with different beers are served, almonds will be brought to the table. Sip by sip you will come to understand why beer is considered by locals a truly holy drink.

The Viking Restaurant! Couldn't forget this one. Reykjavik ICELAND is home to Ingólfsskáli, a great place to enjoy a traditional Viking dinner. Authentically designed in the style of the original turf-roofed longhouses the restaurant is an unusual and impressive reminder of Iceland's past. Capacity for up to 250 seated guests.

An outdoor option for Copenhagen DENMARK, The Bike Chef! Be served a 5 course-dinner while moving slowly on bicycles through the city together as a group - suitable for groups up to 15-25. Enjoy one serving in a quiet corner of the city and the next serving in a busy square with people longing for your dish.

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