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Driving Forward

Aug 2020 | posted by Tourism Portfolio
Race cars, luxury cars, classic cars or off-road cars. Whether it's to admire, drive or learn about the design and manufacture, many destinations offer activity, venues or education with well-known car brands and vehicle types. Read on for some of our favourite experiences...

Mini Adventures in London

Swap the classic coach for these nifty mini coopers! Quintessentially British, explore the city of London on a treasure hunt or gin tour (drivers provided)!  A fun and colourful way to explore the city, they’re guaranteed to delight any group.

Mini Coopers London

Behind the scenes at Porsche in Germany

Porsche is one of Germany’s leading car factories founded in 1931 and a pioneer in design and technology. The factory in Leipzig is home to the Panamera and the Macan and has its own on-road circuit.    Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of Porsche during a factory tour and join the Panamera and the Macan on their way of construction. Accompanied by an expert your group will be informed on the importance of timing and the highly sophisticated interaction between man and machine.

Porsche in Germany

Ice Driving in New Zealand

Located on the spectacular Pisa Mountain Range, yet only a 50 minute coach from Queenstown or 10 minute chopper flight, the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground offers an educational and thrilling day out like no other. This is a once in a lifetime winter driving experience, professionally presented with highly qualified instructors and luxury European cars.  Suitable for groups of 10+ people the ice driving experience is a unique, exciting and memorable day on the snow. Each group will be professionally instructed by highly-qualified instructors where each person will be guided through the basics of driving on snow and ice, before progressing into the intricacies of dynamic driving and car control – experience the thrill of drifting including a snow circle and slalom course.

Ice Driving New Zealand

Test Teamwork in Hungary

On the outskirts of Budapest is Hungaroring, home the Formula 1 GP.  Guests can go through various tasks and checkpoints: from the race simulator to the BMW car tire challenge and finally of course the REAL race car driving! Or go for some team-building with “Other direction steered car” or “Double drive Suzuki” (one person at the steering wheel, one person in charge of the pedals).

F1 in Hungary

Ferrari Factory Tour in Italy

Guests will board a bus for an exclusive panoramic tour guided by the famous Ferrari test track, which will illustrate the characteristics, and along the Viale Enzo Ferrari, where all the design and production facilities of the Cavallino cars are located.  The Ferrari Museum in Maranello invites visitors to live the Prancing Horse dream first-hand. It offers a unique and enthralling voyage of discovery, a story told through cars that have made automotive history on streets and circuits the world over. 

Italy Auto

Convoy Sightseeing in Malta

Arriving to the island of Gozo, guests will board Jeeps and go on a convoy tour. Guests may either opt to drive jeeps themselves or opt for a chauffeur. Places of interest during the jeep convoy is the infamous blue window, the citadel, salt pans, calypso cave, amongst other breath taking places worth visiting! Just relax and enjoy the scenery.   For the more adventurous types, a treasure hunt can be organised with an IPAD Challenge.

Malta Auto

Modified Mercedes in Iceland

Nowhere but in Iceland will you find vehicles like these.  Crafted for uniquely tough conditions, even a term to describe them had to be invented, “Supertrucks”.   Each vehicle is custom built with up to three separate transmissions, two separate steering systems, fully in-cab adjustable four corner air suspension, fully lockable differentials, up to 7.3 litre turbocharged engines, an array of radio equipment, marine-type satellite navigation... Oh, and the biggest available road legal tires in the world.  The modified Mercedes can hold 10-16 people.  A 4x4 adventure to Iceland's Golden Circle provides plenty of off road opportunities with the Supertucks on the way.

Iceland Auto

Corporate Hospitality in Brazil  

The winner of each year Formula 1 championship is most frequently defined during the Grand Prix in São Paulo, Brazil, in November.  The amazing ambience created by Brazilians passionate by Formula 1 brings together a thrilling experience! Bring your next group to enjoy the luxury and high-end gastronomy of São Paulo.

Brazil Auto

Supercar driving in Spain

Staying with the F1 theme, experience driving a Formula 1 car, a Ferrari or another supercar and feel the freedom of speed at one of our several Circuits we have all over Spain, just to name a few:  Jarama in Madrid, Montmeló in Barcelona or Ascari in Andalusia.

Spain Auto

Lunch among Military Vehicles in Russia

Lunch at the Artillery Museum in St Petersburg is a unique experience.  According to Lonely Planet, the museum chronicles Russia’s military history, the centre piece of the museum being Lenin’s armoured car, which he rode in triumph from the Finland Station.  Able to house one long table for up to 200 pax it is considered one of the biggest Artillery Museum in the world.

Russia Auto

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