In our quest to discover the most sought after destinations for incentive programs, we turned to the experts at Unica DMC, our trusted partner in South America.   They shared their top five compelling reasons why Rio should be on your program itinerary.


1.Vibrant Culture: Rio is a city with a rich cultural heritage, famous for its lively music and its energetic street festivals, such as Carnival. The city is home to numerous theaters, museums, and art galleries, showcasing Brazil’s diverse cultural expressions.

2.Breathtaking natural beauty –  The city is nestled between lush mountains and stunning beaches, including the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

3.Unique landmarks: In addition to Christ the Redeemer, the city is home to other notable landmarks and attractions such as the Sugarloaf Mountain which provides stunning views of the city. The historical neighborhood of Santa Teresa, with its colonial architecture and narrow cobblestone streets, offers a glimpse into the city’s past and the Maracaná stadium is always a must for those passionate about soccer.

4.Fun outdoor activities! With its favorable climate and diverse geography, Rio offers a range of outdoor activities. From an amazing helicopter ride over the Guanabara Bay to a hike in the Tijuca National Park or a samba workshop in a beautiful scenery, Rio allows you to experience the city from a thrilling perspective.

5.Culinary delights and beautiful venues: Brazilian cuisine is flavorful and diverse, and Rio offers a wide array of dining options. From traditional churrascarias (Brazilian barbecues) to more contemporary restaurants, the city has many exciting options for incentive groups. There are also some unique venues for private events in Rio as the emblematic Rio Scenarium, the luxurious Copacabana Palace ballrooms, and the vivid nature of Casa das Canoas

And one more….

6. Warm Hospitality – The locals, known as Cariocas, are often welcoming and friendly, making visitors feel at home!

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Copy & Image Credits:   Unica DMC