Prepare to embark on an Olympic journey like no other as the flame’s journey continues its symbolic path to France, igniting excitement along the way.  Athens, the historic birthplace of the Olympics, invites its visitors to immerse themselves in the spirit of the Games.


Our DMC partner in Greece, Optimum Greece had the honor to participate in the Olympic Flame handover ceremony in the Panathenaic Stadium on 26th April, for a group from France.  They followed the flames journey from Athens, as it continued its symbolic path the France by the stunning French tall ship Belem, ignited excitement along the way.

Optimum can crown your champions with your own Marble Olympics at the stadium, with a competitive challenges ranging from the iconic relay to the Pyramid challenge, there is something for everyone to test their skill, coordination & camaraderie.  Every victory or defeat is a chance to connect with the rich history of the Olympics and make memories on your next program.

Contact us to find out how our DMC in Greece, Optimum Greece, can support your program to Greece.

Copy & Image Credits:   Optimum Greece